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John Daubney
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Jordan Taylor Hill Rhythm Rug

​​Artwork by Richy Blacktower @ www.madeyoulooksogood.com

Love is My Religion

@WholeFoodsAlbany blessed with the presence of Ziggy Marley. 

Artwork by Richy Blacktower @ www.madeyoulooksogood.com


Ziggy Marley

"The Giver" Music Video has Manifested.


RhythmRug – “Near Or Far” – Single Review

"...I really dig the tone and mood of the music; it’s a little more reflective, a little more melancholy in its melody…all subtle and nothing overdone. RhythmRug has done an excellent job of keeping the focus-up and making every element in the music stand-out from the synth-bass-lines added in to the additional electro-elements that randomly show up in the song..." (Click Link to Read More)

Review By Brett Stewart

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Peaceful Spirit Music

Performance @ "Sew on Beat" Fashion Show



“The Giver”


Quite possibly running away with the award for ‘least offensive’ track you’ll hear in 2015, RhythmRug has released “The Giver” out into the world for your awaiting minds & listening ears. Loaded with courageous social-commentary and a strong personal point of view – this new single is one part rhythm & rhyme, the other part supplied by the knowledge, advice & guidance through the lyrical aspect....(Click link to read more) 

Rhythm Rug: “Near or Far (There You Are)” – ready to entrance the masses!

​"...One listen to his project,Rhythm Rug, and in particular its latest track release “Near or Far (There You Are)”, and you will quickly realize that beat making is probably the one thing Barkie does not do! He designs luscious, layered and rhythmical soundscapes that will mesmerize your senses and destroy every single notion you have about music genres. Rhythm Rug makes music. Period..."

​(Click Link to Read More) 

​Rhythm Rug - Years of Experience Leads To A Beautiful Musical Project

​There is nothing more valuable in learning the art of songwriting than simply putting in the time and hard work.  Experience in different musical styles and genres will open up things that you did not even know you liked.  A great example is the story of our recent discovery Rhythm Rug... (Click Link to read more)

Music News

Rhythm Rug Talks New Album,

Influences + Working Internationally

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"FOREVER" Music Video Shoot


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